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If you want to use the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) approach to power your next project and are looking for practical tools, then you've come to the right place.

Here, you will find the means for producing customer insights that are not discoverable in surveys or with traditional customer research. You will get actionable results in a matter of days vs. months.

If you would like to seamlessly apply the results for the development of your product, marketing, and sales strategy, the results can feed into our Customer Progress Design® method.

How our JTBD-based approach benefits specific roles:

If you work in Strategy Management, Innovation Management, Product Management, or Product Development, our process will help you

  • develop products and services that are desired by customers and for which there is a market.
  • gain buy-in and collaboration from relevant departments. 
  • shorten your build-learn-measure cycle with a customer progress innovation culture.

If you work in Product Marketing, Marketing Communications, Business Development, or Sales Management, our process will help you

  • line up your marketing and sales approach to support the four stages of customer progress.
  • share the customers' stories with other stakeholders, create empathy with the customer and promote a cohesive strategy development.
  • drive higher conversion rates with messages that resonate deeply with customer ambitions.

Demo: creating messaging

If you work in Market/User/UX Research, Customer Success/CX, UX Design, or Data Science, our process will help you

  • align UX and research efforts with actionable, progress-focused insights. 
  • accelerate UX and research efforts with actionable, progress-focused customer insights. 
  • drive product and service improvements that are deeply rooted in customer needs.

Case study: JTBD research

If you are a C- or V-level executive or work in Digital Transformation, Agile Coaching, or Consulting, our methodology will help you

  • Promote an organizational culture that values and acts upon deep customer insights. 
  • Guide and lead departments towards collaborative efforts, aligning strategies and actions.
  • Implement a transformative mindset understanding the ultimate goal of enabling the customer to make progress.

If you work in a Startup, Innovations Lab, Accelerator Program, or Private Equity, our framework will help you or your project

  • recognize ideas that fulfill the biggest unmet customer needs.
  • discover the sweet spots based on insights from customer interviews to position the product most effectively.
  • reduce the risk and increase your confidence that your investment is worthwhile.

The choice is yours. Do it yourself or engaging us. We offer you the option of learning and applying our method yourself or outsourcing it to us. 

Embrace your role. Empower your journey. Unleash the power of understanding customers. 

We are here to support you in your specific role on your journey to personal and business growth.

What Our Clients Say

We have been able to experience how this method can be used to effectively experience and map the reality of customers' lives. We can use these insights to develop product, marketing and sales concepts that bring real added value to our customers.

Profile image
Ingo Fuchs

Executive Director Remmers Group

We applied the "Jobs to be Done" theory and "Customer Progress Design" methodology from unipro solutions to better align our product development process with the needs of end customers. We develop products with a focus on sustainability and circular economy (C2C) and by applying the methods we have learned what our customers demand and how we can help them to achieve it.

Profile image
Markus Steckhan

Chief Strategy Officer WIK – ELEKTROGERÄTE Entwicklungs- und Service-GmbH & Co. KG

Customer Progress Design allows the essential aspects of market research to be translated into a target-oriented and user-friendly concept. In addition, it ensures that the insights gained are used consistently and sensibly to align all levels of objectives of a customer-oriented company, from the mission to operational planning.

Profile image
Prof. Dr. Dennis Albert

Professor for Marketing Management and Innovation at Wiesbaden Business School

Using the Jobs to Be Done approach has provided us with the insights we needed to focus our strategic measures where the benefits for our customers and our company are greatest.

Profile image
Farkonda Haschemzada

Senior Director Corporate Strategy & Digitalization at Fraport AG

This approach helped us to “feel” the customer’s pain, discover great new product ideas and reprioritize our existing ideas.

Profile image
David A. Bell

Ph.D Chairman and CEO GrandCare Health Services, LLC