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Interview in a Box - Consumer Edition (Intro Offer)

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De-risk a new idea, product or services by undertaking customer discovery interviews at scale and spot patterns in customer feedback.

The Interviews in a Box system guides your efforts efficiently and effectively so that you can experience the real depth and breadth of the input and harness it well to show to others.

Learn from the customer journey - the only source of truth: get valuable insights from customers' new solution acquisition stories and experiences. 

  • Identify new market opportunities.
  • Create go-to-market strategy.
  • Optimize customer experience.
  • Understand the motivation for new products or services.
  • Understand what products/services you are competing with.
  • Create the basis for product, marketing, and sales decisions.
  • Provide stakeholders with credible customer data.
  • Get insights quickly.
  1. Can you reliably identify the factors that characterize customer motviation?
  2. Do you confidently identify jobs, customers want to get done?
  3. Does your data help you act based on the customer's context?
  4. Do you have a method for identifying unarticulated needs?
  5. Do you have a systematic, repeatable, and consistent method for collecting qualitative data?
  6. Is your data output designed for decision-making?
  7. Do you have professional and current interviewing skills (>100 interviews/year)?
  8. Can you predict the number of data points collected in an interview?
  9. Are you able to get the complete interview evaluation and documentation in less than a day?
  10. Is your data presentation logically structured and effectively visualized?
  11. Can you combine the data from different interviews easily?
  12. Does your data presentation support effective storytelling?
  13. Is your data consistently documented in clear statements?
  14. Can your data be easily transferred to electronic whiteboards?
  15. Is your data safe from training Large Language Models?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, this product is for you.

  • Accelerate your learning.
  • Introduce a systematic customer research approach.
  • Increase the confidence level for your strategic decisions.
  • Easily share insights with your stakeholders.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by building an intangible asset of unique insights.


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Product Description

If you're seeking the next big move but lack customer interviewing expertise, this product is your game-changer. Our remote consumer interview, led by a seasoned expert, delves deep into customer motivations for new product acquisitions.

The analysis is seamlessly visualized on The Wheel of Progress Canvas®, providing a comprehensive understanding of how customers seek progress. The resulting transcript undergoes meticulous analysis across 12 variables, including Jobs-to-be-done, Pains & Gains, and more. You will receive a Mural board with color-coded data and an AI-generated summary within 24h.

In our experience, you only need around 10 customer interviews to obtain valid results with a narrowly defined interviewee profile.

If you want to process the data using our Customer Progress Design® method: The results integrate seamlessly.

Product Features

  • 45 min. remote consumer interview by an expert
  • Interview participation optional
  • Analysis based on 12 variables
    • List of "jobs", customers want to get done
    • Addressable pains and gains
    • Addressable contextual items
    • Factors that drive customers to new solutions
    • Factors that prevent customers from switching to a new solution.
    • Desire for an ideal new situation
  • What you will get
    • Interview transcript
    • Summary of the interview generated by our AI Companion
    • 50+ structured data points
    • Visualized the data on The Wheel of Progress Canvas® 
    • Data on a Mural board (alternatively text in JSON format or CSV)
  • 24-hour turnaround after interview took place
  • Results are compatible with our Customer Progress Design® method


  • Limited availability
  • Available in English and German only
  • Not available in all countries
  • Interviewee recruitment not included
  • Interviewee must agree to session recording

How it Works

  1. Buy product.
  2. Read the guide and complete the project briefing form.
  3. Schedule the interview appointment.*
  4. One of our experts conducts the interview.
  5. Within 24 hours of the interview we will send you the results.

* Please note that the interview must be scheduled with a 30-day period starting with the purchase date.


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