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Dive into the future with our unique Customer Progress Design®, a jobs-to-be-done (JTBD)-based methodology, unlocking growth and propelling your organization at light-speed towards true customer-centricity. Unleash the power of The Wheel of Progress® canvas, transform interviews with our Interview in a Box, and decode customer needs with our The Wheel of Progress® cards

Elevate your team's expertise with our dynamic educational offerings. Grounded in the belief that customers crave progress, our mental and data model will reshape your approach to business. Join us on a journey of innovation and success – where every click unlocks a world of strategic possibilities!




This approach helped us to “feel” the customer’s pain, discover great new product ideas and reprioritize our existing ideas.


David A. Bell,

Ph.DChairman and CEO GrandCare Health Services, LLC


We have been able to experience how this method can be used to effectively experience and map the reality of customers' lives. We can use these insights to develop product, marketing and sales concepts that bring real added value to our customers.

Ingo Fuchs
Executive Director Remmers Group


I don't know of any method that can get me faster to crucial customer insights.




Stephan Abeler
Consultant for customer-centric transformation and COO of cxomni


The jobs-to-be-done theory helps us to understand our customers better and to improve our products in a customer-centric way. In particular, the "Wheel of Progress" offers companies the opportunity to change their perspective. The Jobs theory approach holds great potential for companies.

Andreas Knuhr
Team leader of the Thuringian agency for skilled labor


As a digital agency, DUMBO uses "The Wheel of Progress" to structure interviews and identify "Jobs-to-be-done". This way, we enrich our design process with a mental model that helps us gain qualitative insights repetitively and reliably without losing flexibility.

Robert Goesch

Co-Founder & Managing Director DUMBO GmbH


The structured customer research process based on The Wheel of Progress accelerates the time to turn the input from customers into actionable insights to improve the customer journey.


John Gusiff
Chief Experience Officer, Customer Centric Solutions LLC